Translation Consulting

Never Get Lost in Translation Again

A lot of languages can be drastically different from one another, with phrases, idioms, and even common phrases that don’t make sense when transliterated into another language.

Translations require a deep understanding of the languages you’re presented with. Here at SL, we are bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese. We can read and write in both traditional and simplified Chinese. And we can help you make sure that the dialogue and subtitles of your projects – be it a big studio feature film for global consumption or a short film or social media video – never gets lost in translation again.

For the most effective partnership, we advise bringing us on to the creative process as early as possible.

Translation Consulting

We will help you look over any translated dialogue in screenplays before it heads into production to ensure actors are saying the right lines, or look over subtitling for your project in post-production. Nothing needs to be lost in translation again. This service is provided in partnership with EL Studio.

**NOTE: At the present time, this service is only available specifically for Mandarin Chinese to English or English to Mandarin Chinese translations. We can work with both traditional and simplified Chinese.

For additional cultural consulting services, please visit EL Studio’s official page.

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